Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Energy Benchmarking and NYSERDA Loans: How You Can Benefit

At MSA, we’re not the only ones going green. In fact, we’ve been helping our important clients, like our local school districts, to do the same without costing their taxpayers a cent.

How? We help school districts complete NYSERDA’s 1613 PON Application, which grants funds to help implement a solar panel or energy efficiency project. The state gave out $25 million in round one. The money goes toward whatever energy efficient upgrades the district needs or wants to make. Deciding what those upgrades should be can be a bit daunting, but we’re here to help with that, too.

By performing a service called energy benchmarking, MSA can analyze and inspect the district’s buildings to determine where improvements could and should be made. Benchmarking compares your building’s energy use to similar buildings. The average building uses twice the energy each year of a high performing one. Are the boilers staying on all night during school vacations and wasting energy? Can solar panels be installed on the roof to provide a source for energy? Once the areas that can be improved upon are found, they are discussed with the district so a plan of action can be decided. Our assistance doesn’t end there, either. MSA will be right there with the district every step of the way to make those energy efficient upgrades happen.
We have already helped a district secure $250,000 among other successes from NYSERDA. Just think of energy efficient possibilities with this loan!
By Courtney Iseman

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