Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainwater Harvesting Reduces Water Use Over 60%

Our Rainwater Harvesting system is connected and functioning. The 1000 gallon tank is filled to capacity and we are now using rainwater to flush all our toilets. Over 50% of the water used by most office buildings is for flushing toilets. We measured our water use for the first two weeks and the results are impressive. 480 gallons of rainwater to flush toilets and 73 gallons of potable water for hand washing and making coffee. That's over 80% reduction in water use. This is higher than we expected. We are checking the meters and the valves to see if all is functioning as it should. We will keep tracking our water us and report back to you.

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  1. The Water harvesting seems to be nice idea.But are these water harvesting systems are affordable enough to fits in everyone's budget and what about their maintainable issues (changing filters).
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