Monday, March 15, 2010

Our New Bottle-Less Water Cooler System

Here at MSA, we are excited to announce we have left our bottled water cooler system where it belongs - in the past. In keeping with our green efforts, we have opted to enjoy our water without contributing to landfill waste or the emissions from the trucking it takes to deliver the bottles. Thanks to the multiple benefits of a bottle-less water cooler from Abbey Ice & Spring Water Co., we encourage you to do the same!

Did you know that about 1.5 million barrels of oil a year are used to make plastic bottles? Additional fuel is then of course required to transport these bottles. According to Daniel Teuton, President and CEO of ClearH2O Coolers, bottled water contributes to environmental degradation. Opting for a bottle-less system eliminates the need for bottle manufacturing, bottling, storage, delivery, removal, recycling, and dumping of used bottles. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 98% compared to a bottled system!

In addition to the environmentally and energy efficient benefits, a bottle-less system is also more convenient - you don't have to order, replace, and dispose of any bottles, there's practically no maintenance at all. Teuton states that businesses will experience savings from 30% to 60% when they go bottle-less, too! By switching over to filtered water that runs into the cooler, you will keep getting clean, pure, fresh water either cold or hot, but at a lower cost to both you and the environment.

By Courtney Iseman

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