Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Website is Hosted by 100% Wind Energy!

We are proud to announce that our website - and blog - are powered by 100% renewable energy! And we are making that announcement with a badge from Easy CGI, which will promote the idea of green business both online and off.

Our badge not only signifies our commitment to environmental and energy efficiency, but it helps you follow suit: when you click on our badge, you'll be able to read information about how we've come to run our website on 100% wind energy. Our status is not only through our own efforts, but with the help of our hosting company, Easy CGI. By purchasing REC's, or Renewable Energy Certificates, from Easy CGI, we are offsetting our energy use and reducing our environmental impact. If you have a website, check out Easy CGI to be powered by 100% wind energy, too!

by Courtney Iseman

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